Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb

Welcome to the Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb Challenge.

The first time I ran this challenge it was over 5 days and I realised - 5 days is just too long, let's see if we can condense into 3.

In 3 days we are going to see a change in how you are feeling about yourself.

I'm so excited to see and hear the change in you.

Each day from Tuesday 10th April I'll be going live on my facebook page at 9.30am AEST with 2 tips on how to beat Imposter Syndrome.

There will be some work for you - about 10 minutes worth (I know you are busy) and I'll even provide a handout in a word document so you can type straight into it

I'll then be sending an email to you with the recording so you don't miss out. 

This is going to be awesome, I'm so excited you can come on the journey with me.

with love,

ps - sometimes it takes longer so don't worry, after the challenge I'm going to give you a special evergreen link so you can do this challenge whenever you want, yours to keep for free. I want to see you be your best.

pps - your info is safe with me, I never pass details onto third parties

ppps - at the end of the challenge I'll be transferring your details to my newsletter list so you can find out what other things I do, read some great blogs and hear about other challenges. If you don't want to be transferred that's ok, I understand, just unsubscribe when you receive the first newsletter. 

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